How to Program Your Lexus Garage Door Opener

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The HomeLink® universal transceiver can be found on both new and used vehicles in the Lexus lineup, so drivers across Peachtree City can enjoy high-tech convenience with the push of a button. But, what if you’re not sure how to program your Lexus garage door opener? The good news is that learning to program the Lexus garage door opener is simple, so anyone can set up the system with ease. Get step-by-step instructions from Butler Lexus of South Atlanta below, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Instructions to Program Your Lexus Garage Door Opener

When you’re ready to program your Lexus garage door opener in Newnan, you’ll need to park either inside the garage or close enough to activate the HomeLink® system. Grab your garage door remote and follow these instructions:

  1. Get into the driver’s seat and look for the three HomeLink® buttons. They will usually be found on the rearview mirror or near the overhead console.
  2. Press and hold the first and third buttons at the same time. The HomeLink® indicator light will turn green and flash. Release both buttons.
  3. Get you garage door remote and hold it close to the HomeLink® buttons.
  4. Hold the garage door remote button as you hold the first HomeLink® button. Wait for the light to turn green and flash. Release both buttons.
  5. Look at your garage door control box inside the garage and find the “Learn Button”. On most models, this will be a red or a black button.
  6. Once you press the “Learn Button”, you’ll have 30 seconds to get into your car and press the first HomeLink® button.
  7. Watch the garage door and if it opens, you’ve completed the process successfully.
  8. Simply repeat this process with aunt other garage doors or gates that you want to program.

If you run into problems, get expert advice from the technicians at Butler Lexus of South Atlanta. Our team is happy to offer personal assistance to anyone in the Fayetteville area, so stop by our dealership in Union City for a demonstration or contact us at your convenience for more instructions.

Learn More with Butler Lexus of South Atlanta

Now that you’ve mastered how to program a Lexus garage door opener, why not explore other Lexus technology with Butler Lexus of South Atlanta? Contact us with any questions about Lexus-exclusive features like Safety Connect and Lexus Enform, or stop by our dealership for a test drive!

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