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Lexus has been known for quite some time for providing quality sedans to Peachtree City car shoppers. If you’re looking for all the thrills of a Lexus with the price of a used car, you’ve found your ticket to the big time in the used Lexus ES. It’s got an ample engine but with the added bonus of superior reliability that will keep you out of the shop for longer. Looking to explore your options as a Fayetteville driver? Butler Lexus of South Atlanta would love to have a conversation with you! And don’t forget, we’ve got a quality roster of pre-owned vehicle specials too! We suggest checking out the used Lexus IS as one of your many used options.

Our Used Lexus ES Luxury Car Buying Guide

There are some steps you’ll want to take to ensure that you’re a smarter car shopper in Newnan. Here’s our guide to buying a used Lexus ES or one of the other quality Lexus models we have on offer:

  • Two things you’ll want to look for are the vehicle history report and the maintenance record. These will show you whether the used car you’re about to buy has been taken care of before it hits the lot.
  • Just because you see a high mileage doesn’t mean that the car isn’t a good buy. A Lexus is one of the most reliable vehicles you can purchase, so if you see a mileage in the six digits, you should look at the vehicle history report and maintenance record to verify its quality.
  • Certified Pre-Owned is a great option for those looking for something a cut above your average used car. These vehicles have been vetted by Butler Lexus of South Atlanta for quality and often come with an extra warranty.

Find a Pre-Owned Lexus ES at Butler Lexus of South Atlanta

We’ve given you your first glimpse of the used Lexus ES. Want to try one out for yourself? Butler Lexus of South Atlanta is close by and we’d love to hear from you! We’ve got a contact form and if you fill it out, we’ll get right back to you.