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What’s a typical day in the life like of Joe Hamilton?

I typically wake up around 6am and proceed to get the kids ready for school. I have two kids, my son Skylar and daughter Kayden. Drop kids off at 7:20 and head to work. I am a Co-host of a sports radio show, called the Hometeam and Hamilton Show on Sports X…1230AM, 1340AM and 106.3FM, 107.3FM. Our objective is INFOTAINMENT! 9-12 Mon-Fri. I pick up the kids between 3-3:30. We get homework done and hang loose for a while. Around 6pm I start preparing dinner(whatever is pulled out or something to put on the grill.)

They say successful people have habits they stick to, what are some of your daily rituals or habits that make you most productive?

Take time and meditate on where you see yourself today, tomorrow, and in the future. Try to always stay positive and keep dreaming and setting goals.

If you had to pick your favorite standout play of your career, what moment do you think of?

When I caught a touchdown in the 1999 Gator Bowl. It was my only career reception.

Do you have any words of wisdom for people who are grinding to meet their respective goals?

Don’t count the Days, make the Days count!

As an athlete turned coach, what is your favorite part of coaching? What do you think makes an athlete stand out from the rest?

Teaching and mentoring is my favorite part of coaching on and off the field. A standout athlete, to me, is really the athlete with the ability to make everyone around them better!

Speaking of coaches, what coach or mentor has influenced you the most and how?

Tony Dungy…his demeanor and the way he cared for and treated his players. Also, his love and passion for his faith in Jesus is contagious!

You drive a Lexus yourself, what are some of your favorite Lexus features?

My panoramic roof, and the safety protection that Lexus provides. I was in a major car accident a few years back and because I choose to drive a Lexus is, in part, why I’m here today! My Levinson sound system has also been a great addition to my music listening and clarity.
How does it compare to other cars you’ve driven/owned?

No other car that I’ve driven is as smooth of a drive, comfortable, spacious, or as safe as my Lexus.
How did you get started with BLSA? What’s your relationship like with the people at Butler Lexus of South Atlanta?

I met Chuck Gamel, my service advisor, about 10 years ago at Lexus South Atlanta and the service and professionalism has been outstanding even to this day. I met the General Manager Kevin Deutsch about two years ago, and his leadership stood out right away. Getting to converse with him, I found out that he’s also an alumni of Georgia Tech! Our friendship went through the roof after that. I look forward to building on my relationship with Chuck, Kevin and all of the staff at Butler Lexus of South Atlanta.

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