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We sat down with Ford Fry, chef-owner of Atlanta’s JCT Kitchen, No. 246, The Optimist and Oyster Bar, King + Duke, St. Cecilia, and founder of Ford Fry Restaurants to talk about his newest project and why he’s such a big fan of Lexus.

If you could have a meal with any three people, living or dead, who would it be and better yet, what would you eat?

1. The Police (band) and I would cook traditional British “Sunday Roast” with Yorkshire pudding. 2. Anthony Bourdain and I would want to eat roasted bone marrow with crusty bread, parsley salad and good salt. Then finish with Steak Frittes (using the Spinalis …i.e. cap of the ribeye). 3. JFK and I would want to eat smoked haddock chowder and a buttery fried clam roll.

Each of your restaurants have very different styles, from the liveliness of Superica to the more intimate setting at Marcel. How do you keep your projects diverse while also staying true to your style?

Each project starts with a location which truly determines what the restaurant is going to be. Questions I ask myself are: What does Atlanta and the neighborhood need? What’s the income level of that neighborhood and what price point makes sense there? What does the building look or feel like? Once all of these questions are answered, I ask myself, “What food am I passionate about that fits in with the previous questions answered?”

Without giving away too much, what are some of your upcoming projects that you’re most excited about? (Word on the street is that you’ll be opening another Atlanta restaurant soon that serves breakfast tacos…. which, for the record, we happen to love.)

Yes! “Little Rey” is next for Atlanta. Little Rey will focus on chicken al carbon, breakfast tacos, a decent amount of healthier options and plenty of margaritas!

You drive a Lexus yourself, what are some of your favorite Lexus features that make getting around to your restaurants in Atlanta traffic more enjoyable?

I could go on and on as I drive SO much. In all honesty, I think about this question daily. I drive the LX 570 and what I love is the details and how solid it feels, if that makes sense. It feels heavy, but cruises and maneuvers well. The steering wheel gets warm in the winter, which is a luxe feature.

Since you’re ITP so often dealing with cramped parking, narrow roads and parking garages, what do you think of the all-new Lexus UX?

Ha! It was a change from the LX, but I still get into tight spaces with the LX using the overhead cameras. Works like a charm! The UX felt like a solid in-town cruiser that anyone can zip around in, like you’re in fast motion! The interior design was also simple, yet enough for sure… just perfect.

Lexus Owners can take advantage of our partnership with Ford Fry restaurants at all participating Atlanta metro area restaurants. With your Open Table profile please email Lexus@fordfry.com with reservation details and enjoy a VIP experience, including a table visit and priority reservations when available. Bon appetit!

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