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Our vehicles serve as our personal shuttles, mobile office and a dining room on wheels.

No wonder they can quickly devolve into the proverbial junk drawer on wheels. There’s a solution for establishing order.

“The average driver spends more non-sleeping time the car than in any room in the house,” said David McClees, president of the Talus Corp, a Maine-based manufacturer of car organizers. “That’s translated into people wanting to use their cabin space more efficiently.”

One solution is establishing spaces for specific goods, McClees said. This falls under the adage; a place for everything and everything in its place.

The uncluttered car has proper places for electronics, important documents, trash and cargo.

McClees breaks down vehicle organization and offers suggestions to educate consumers on their options:

Consider where you will place the organizer. Some organizers drape over the passenger seat, others feature pockets with multiple compartments.
Avoid items requiring the motorist to use both hands to retrieve items. Safety is the highest priority.
Setup a spot for the smartphone so it doesn’t distract you. Some devices feature clips that attach to the air-conditioning vents and secure a phone in a place that the driver can safely access with a glance.
An organized trunk is possible. Cargo cases help keep useful but rarely used items accessible yet still out of the way. Flashlights, flares, first-aid kits and other emergency roadside accessories can be stored in these. Cargo storage cases are meant for the trunk, the bed of a pickup, hatchback or the back of an SUV.

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