Options for Returning a Leased Car

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Maybe you’re about to come to the end of your lease, or you want to end it early. What are your options? Can you return a leased car early? We talk about your lease return options below. We’ll also talk about how other Union City drivers have gone about returning a leased car early.

What if You Want to Buy the Car You’re Currently Leasing?

Maybe your car has served you well on your Peachtree City commute, and you’d like to own it. Just let us know you want to buy it, and our finance department will work out the paperwork. This is the one case when returning a leased car early does not incur penalties or fees. Just follow these steps:

  • Let us know you want to buy your car.
  • Negotiate a price.
  • Allow time for the payment and paperwork to be processed.

Returning a Leased Car and Starting a New Lease

Your lease is ending and you’re ready to upgrade to a new ride. Here’s the process:

  • Check out our new vehicle specials.
  • Browse our new car inventory and pick your new ride.
  • Make an appointment for your return inspection ahead of the end of the lease so you can fix any issues.
  • Pick up your new car.

Returning a Leased Car Without Starting a New Lease

It’s been a good run. But you don’t want to start a new lease. Or maybe you’re considering buying instead of leasing your next car. Follow these steps:

  • Make an appointment for your return inspection ahead of the end of the lease so you can fix any issues.
  • Make an appointment to return your lease.
  • Fill out any required paperwork.
  • Pay any required fees or penalties.

Can You Return a Leased Car Early?

What if you just want to get out of a lease? Can you return a leased car early? Returning a leased car early is possible, and other Fayetteville drivers have done it. However, returning a leased car before the end of the lease may incur some early termination fees. In addition, the vehicle will be subject to inspection, meaning you’ll be liable for excessive wear and tear.

Let the Finance Department at Butler Lexus of South Atlanta Help

If you’re ready to move on from your current lease to your next vehicle, let us help. Why not schedule a test drive of one of the quality Lexus vehicles on our lot? We’re just a short drive away from Newnan, so drop by or contact us today.

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