Lexus Luxury SUVs are game changers for Tailgating enthusiasts

September 9th, 2022 by

According to the, 35 percent of people who tailgate don’t even go into the game. Can you believe that? But it just goes to show that much of the fun happens outside of the game. Tailgating is certainly one of the great American pastimes.  

Who says if you drive a luxury vehicle you can’t enjoy tailgating. Football fanatics come in all shapes and sizes and vehicle preferences. Sure, you love the upscale features and reliability you get from driving a Lexus. Whether you choose the LX, RX or NX for you tailgating fun to cheer on your Georgia Bulldogs or Georgia Tech, you will have a terrific option for tailgating fun.  

Lexus RX 350 Tailgating Features 

The premium Mark Levinson sound system will make your pre-gaming that much more fun. Of course, you can easily set up all your food options with the 56.3 feet of cubic space with the rear seats folded down. And who doesn’t love a kick sensor on the lift gate? Just stick your foot under the RX (imagine you are doing the hokey pokey) and pull it back.   

Rear seat passengers will enjoy the ride home in the reclining seats. Real-time traffic data can help you find the quickest route to and from the stadium. We all know the Atlanta metro area can have crazy traffic, so take advantage of real time traffic information for your route planning in your Lexus RX from Fayetteville to Athens 

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Lexus NX Tailgating Features

If you opt for the more fuel efficient NX, while smaller, it will still be a great ride. With 46.9 cubic feet of space, you’ll still have room to stash all your tailgating items like beer, snacks, tables, chairs and other tailgating necessities. Of course, this luxury SUV comes with 2000 lbs. of towing capacity, should you need it.  The Lexus NX also comes in a Hybrid version to save on gas while navigating Atlanta’s commute. 

Lexus GX Tailgating Features

So you have a huge crew to feed and entertain with our tailgate? The Lexus GX has you covered. Fold down the seats and you’ll have 71 cubic feet of space. There’s plenty of power to power your devices for pre-gaming fun. And if you want to tow a trailer to get the parts started early, the GX 460 has a towing capacity of 8,000 lbs.  

Which Lexus SUV will you choose for your tailgate party this fall? Happy tailgating, Georgians, no matter what team you are cheering on!