How to Charge a Hybrid Car

Hybrid Plugin charging station

The growing popularity of hybrid vehicles has Peachtree City drivers wondering how to charge a hybrid car battery. This question is understandable if you’re debating making the switch from traditional gas-powered models for more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles. With the Butler Lexus of South Atlanta service center, you’ll learn that how to charge a hybrid car depends on whether you have a traditional hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or fully electric vehicle.

Charging a Hybrid Car Battery, Plug-in Hybrid Battery, or Electric Battery

Charging a hybrid car battery differs from how you’d charge a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) or fully electric vehicle (EV). Understanding the difference in charging styles will help you see how they fit into your Fayetteville lifestyle. So, let’s see how to charge a hybrid car, plug-in hybrid, and electric vehicle:

  • Standard Hybrids: The standard hybrid vehicle is likely what you think of when comparing gas-powered models and hybrid vehicles. The blend of internal combustion engine and electric motor means learning how to charge a hybrid car battery doesn’t change your daily driving experience: the battery self-charges as you drive! Plus, if you need a Lexus hybrid jump-start on your trip, they’re generally just like gas-powered models.
  • Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles: If you’re heading out in a model from the growing PHEV segment, you’ll find it is the middle ground between gas powered and EV models. While a PHEV uses an electric motor and an internal combustion engine, it also can run solely on electric power for a specified number of miles. However, instead of recharging as you drive, charging a hybrid car battery will require an external charge at a public charging station, a 120-volt household outlet, or a fast-charging home station.
  • Electric Vehicle: EVs don’t usually fall into the large hybrid category as it relies solely on an electric motor. They are similarly charged with an external power source like PHEV models.

Plug-in Hybrid External Charging Methods

Road trips with a PHEV have the advantage of also running on gas power, but if you’re interested in adding a PHEV model to your Newnan commute, there are a couple of ways for how to charge a hybrid car battery:

  • Portable charging: Your purchase of a PHEV comes equipped with a portable charging cord that is compatible with any 120-volt outlet. However, while you’ll find it’s a great backup, the charging times are slow.
  • Home fast charging: You also have the option for 240-volt fast-charging systems for convenient charging at home. While this is the more costly option, the investment is worth it if you want a faster charging rate while relaxing at home.
  • Public charging: The popularity of PHEV and EV models means more public charging stations are popping up around town. They’re often conveniently located where you can charge while you run errands.

Hybrid Charging Times

With the various battery designs and sizes, you’ll find charging times differ depending on your plug-in or EV model. Typically, smaller plug-in hybrid batteries can recharge in about 3 hours at a 120V outlet, while a 240V charging station takes about 1.5 hours. Since EVs have larger batteries, a 120V charging station can take over 20 hours to recharge the model, and between 4-8 hours using a 240V charger. However, EV models also have the advantage of built-in fast charging that allows you to recharge up to 80% in about 20 minutes.

Explore Hybrid Models with Butler Lexus of South Atlanta!

As you can see, there are many ways to conveniently charge your hybrid car battery. Continue exploring our new vehicle inventory to see how a hybrid model fits into your Union City lifestyle. You may still have questions about hybrid charging, like how Lexus hybrid jump-starts work or battery maintenance. Don’t hesitate to contact us at Butler Lexus of South Atlanta if you have any questions.


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